“Without vision, even the most focused passion is a battery without a device.”
-Ken Auletta

Monday’s Class schedule is canceled for the day. The below workout is to be done AT HOME. Regular class schedule updates will be sent via email and posted on social media pages.

At Home Hero Series #1

Strength & Conditioning
+ Team


For Time

100 Push-Ups
800m Run (time, 4min)
75 Push-Ups
1,200m Run (time, 5min)
50 Push-Ups
1,600m Run (time, 6min)
25 Push-Ups
2,000m Run (time, 7min)

*Use a stopwatch and time your run intervals if you are not recording the distance. At every time interval, stop and proceed with completing your pushups for that round. You can use the gyms running markers, construction hasn’t begun so you will have normal access to the street.

Jami Mendoza