The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.
— Stephen McCranie

Strength: Snatch Complex E90s x5 (Build between 55-75%)

  • Snatch Pull

  • Hang Squat Snatch (3sec hold) (drop from top)

  • Squat Snatch (3sec hold)

Metcon: AMRAP 20 - NFT (active recovery)

  • 50ft DB Walking Lunge

  • 50ft HS Walk (or hold) (1min max)

  • 10-15 Rack Rows (bar on lower rig)

  • 15 DB Curls

  • 15 DB Skull Crushers (on floor)

  • 1/1min Side Plank

  • 20 Plate Sit-Ups (reach plate to sky as you sit up)

Nader Issa