A decline in performance should lead to a search for its cause and to a focus on the quality of your recovery. Remember, often doing less is more powerful than training more.
— Rountree Sage, The Athlete's Guide to Recovery

STRENGTH: Snatch Complex E90 x6

  • Snatch Pull

  • Snatch

  • Snatch Balance (3sec)

  • OHS

Build from 65-78%

METCON: 20min AMRAP (Body Armour)

  • 12 Back Rack Lunges (rig)

  • 50ft HS Walk/Hold (1min Max Practice)

  • Farmer Carry 200m

  • 20 OH Plate Sit-Ups 

  • 15 HR Push-Ups

  • 15 DB Curl to OH Press

**Keep a steady pace throughout. The purpose of active recovery is to finish feeling a little sweaty, but ultimately energized. It’s a total body flush of the toxins in the body intended to keep everything functioning properly after all the complex and high-impact movements throughout the week. It also supports joint health with the specific isolation movements programmed. If you think you don’t need this day… you’re probably the one that needs it most. Change the mindset, change the body.

Nader Issa