Like everything else, excellence is a habit.
— Ben Bergeron

Strength: Snatch Work (E75s x8)

  • Rounds 1-4: 3 Snatch Balances (w/ 3sec pause)

  • Rounds 5-8: 2 Hang Snatch (w/ 3sec pause)

Metcon: 20min AMRAP NFT

  • 50ft HS Walk/:30sec HS Hold

  • 12 Back Rack Lunges (off rig, athletes choice of weight)

  • 200ft Farmer Carry (take a right, end of sidewalk)

  • 20 V-Ups

  • 15L/15R Bent Over DB Row

Today’s Metcon is designed to be a “body armor” of sorts. It is NOT for time, and is meant to have the athlete sustain a moderate pace throughout. Accumulated volume is the goal, not speed.

Nader Issa