The Human Performance Project.

Driven by personal experiences and survived stories.Cultivated by real, raw, and unbroken leaders.Over the years, humanity has lost its ability to see the beauty within the process to personal discovery. The chaos, the destruction, the growth, and undeniable fight to self conviction. Within our walls we want to embrace your history, and keep you connected to your personal journey. Never letting you forget why you started your path to freedom.Every Outsider has a past. Has been lost, damaged, scarred, and confused.However, every Outsider has a story. And a reason for living out their purpose.It's time to break a mold. Disrupt an industry. Shattering the belief you have to be a certain way in order to be a part of a society that portrays the perfect person.Come as you are. The way you were always meant to be. Broken, beaten, and ready to make a progressive  change. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. Shedding your old skin, resurrecting your way into a new light of strength.This message is to turn our mission into a revolution. Empowering and restoring the overlooked holes within humanity. Creating a culture founded upon genuine struggle, authenticity, and healing.There's elegance within pain, allowing us to endure the art behind the process.

Outsiders ATX; The Official Human Performance Project.

Welcome home.