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Outsiders ATX is a place where you are free from a societal standard, rebuilt by iron, and encouraged to discover your life's purpose.

Health and wellness is more mental than physical. It's our mission to make every Outsiders mindset the healthiest,  yet strongest part of the body which is why we welcome all fitness levels. If you're looking to try something different - and you want to take your fitness to the next level, we have the leaders, the programming, and the community to help you get there.

We provide a structured workout program that includes coaches in every class.  We start each class with an organized dynamic warm up to prepare you for the upcoming workout.  We will review any necessary movements. Everyone start’s the workout together and then finish at their own speed.

In additional to our fitness offerings we offer an opportunity for our members to immerse themselves into a diverse culture supporting addiction + injury recovery, creative output, mindset  education, and life adaptation.


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mindset training

Every Wednesday at 7.30pm in the clubhouse covering everything from Anxiety to enviromental distractions.



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